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chaud lapin writes: Egyptian blogger Hossam el-Hamalawy, whos has been reporting on the working class insurgency that has been rocking the Mubarak regime since 2006 and augmenting his coverage with photos posted on Flickr, claims Flickr is censoring his account:

I'm left with no other choice but to conclude that Flickr is moving along the path of its mother company Yahoo! in colluding with repressive governments (like what happened in China), and I demand to know whether they also passed another private details of me and other dissidents to the Egyptian regime.

and calls on others to assist him call Flickr to account. Hossam's case comes in the wake of another Egyptian dissident who not long ago had his YouTube and Facebooks acocunts disabled.

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Flickr censors Egyptian blogger

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  • The accusation that 'flickr' would censor images is quite far fetched with all the crap I've seen, but on the flipside, I am not sure of flickr's abuse reporting system and whether or not it would be possible to be exploited by whoever found the Blogger's images offensive or (in the case of the Egyptian Regime) dangerous.

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