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Submission + - Hackers Pown White House Email. (ft.com)

twitter writes: "Poor security may have left US enemies better informed than US Citizens will ever be. Senior US Officials say that Chinese hackers have penetrated the White House computer network on multiple occasions and obtained e-mails between government officials.

the Chinese cyber attacks had the characteristics of the "grain of sands" approach taken by Chinese intelligence, which involves obtaining and pouring over lots of — often low-level — information to find a few nuggets.

cyber analysts had concluded that the attacks originated in China but stressed that they were not able to determine who was responsible.

Request for White House: Would you please dump M$ systems? This stuff is embarrassing.

Request for Hackers: Would you please publish any and all email concerning the invasion of Iraq? It seems someone lost them in an "upgrade" from Lotus notes to M$ Exchange. Members of the US Judicial System would appreciate the backup.

Could we be lucky enough to have another break in to end all break ins?"

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Hackers Pown White House Email.

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