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David Gerard writes: "It's that time of year again: Wikipedia needs your money. The Wikimedia sites don't have ads — it all runs on donations. This year, the Wikimedia Foundation is hitting the theme that Wikipedia, the most popular Wikimedia site, is useful to you every day so deserves your support. The goal this time is six million dollars, which is approximately nothing to run a top 10 site (#8 on Alexa, #4 on ComScore). They're at almost $2 million so far. There's blog buttons and radio/podcast PSAs too. The site had its greatest traffic ever on election night, falling over for a short time under the strain."
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Wikipedia's 2008 donation campaign kicks off

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  • Wikimedia Foundation has been organisationally getting its house in order. They have progressed a lot and, they have shown in the past years to be thrifty with the moneys they have been given to spend. Considering the improvements of the last year, the WMF is one of the best causes around because of what they have provided..

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