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corporal_clegg writes: I have been trying for more than a year to get my wife to move to Linux on her HP laptop. She is a technophobe and is adverse to change though good technology quickly wins her over if it is easy to use. Yesterday a trojan wrecked the laptop (don't ask — kids *sigh*) and with a little cajoling I was able to convince her to give my favorite OS a try. I dropped Fedora 9 (with GNOME) on the system last night, resolved a couple of minor issues and proudly gave her a brand new shiny system. Her chief complaint? She hates GIMP — and when I say hates, I mean she despises it with the fiery passion that only a woman scorned can express. She used it a few times on my system in the past, decided she hated it and now it seems that the lack of a simple image program on her laptop may drive her back to Windows. If I can get a image manipulation program for her that meets her needs, I am certain she will be won over. More importantly, her opinion will help drive her parents and their friends to Linux and relieve me of no end of toil in maintaining their Windows systems. Thus making her happy is more than just about increasing marital bliss, it means moving at least another 3 families to Linux.

Her requirements are very simple: she wants to be able to select a photo, make a simple choice to print it as 8x10, 5x7, contact sheet or the like (without worrying about aspect ratios) and do cropping. Automatic red eye removal is a plus but not a requirement. She has been using the Windows "photo printing wizard" built in to XP and needs no more functionality than that. So, what robust (bugs and quirks are probably not acceptable unless they are very minor) image printing packages are out there that meet this very basic need?
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Alternative to GIMP for new Linux User?

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  • Try asking this same question in a more newbie friendly environment, such as

    The folk on slashdot are generally very clued up, but if this gets onto the main /. site you'll get all sorts of discussion about why Gimp is good afterall, and the actual useful answers to your question will get lost in the fuzz.

    I know that there are programs that do exactly what you need because I've seen them, but I don't know them by name, nor well enough to make a recommendation.

    Anyway, just a suggestion

  • To be honest, I'd just do a search on synaptic for the features you want! A simple search on "red eye" revealed flphoto [] which is a very simple program and does exactly what you ask. (cropping, resizing, rotating, red eye removal, automatic and manual brightness/contrast settings, album sorting, slideshow, etc), i.e. pretty much the same stuff as the windows photo wizard. Unfortunately it doesn't use the GTK2 interface, so it looks slightly uglier than, say, windows, but it's very simple to use and I'm sure

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