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Submission + - NSW considers giving students Linux laptops | Aust ( 1

Whiteox writes: "The Australian Prime Minister's plan to equip high schools with 'one laptop per child' may go open source. Kevin Rudd's $56 million digital revolution will include "laptops (that will) run on an open source operating system with a suite of open source applications like those packaged under Edubuntu. This would include Open Office for productivity software, Gimp for picture editing and the Firefox internet browser." So far this has been considered for NSW and I think other states may follow.,24897,24490953-15306,00.html"
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NSW considers giving students Linux laptops | Aust

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  • That strategy worked great for Apple back in the late 1970s / early 1980s. Get Apples in front of schoolchildren and by the time the IBM PC came along it was too late. Kids were already in love with the Apples, and many "stuck with what they knew." It was the most effective long term marketing move Apple ever could have made, and I doubt they even realized it at the time.

    Times have changed, though, and the ability to monopolize the hearts and minds of kids with the only computer they're exposed to is

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