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Submission + - Light, fast software development in Linux. 1

LWATCDR writes: Okay I have set up a Linux box for a group I am a member of to replace an old Windows 95 machine. This is to replace the computer in the media center. The old system was only used to look up information in a large text file that has a list of all the videos tapes on hand. I have already moved the data into an OpenOffice Calc. I hate using spreadsheets as a database but they are a good tool for converting a text file into something useful like a CSV or xBase file. I was going to use the database in OpenOffice to make a nice little application. The problem is that the "new" PC is only a 500 Mhz Celeron with 192 mb of ram. It will not run OpenOffice I have the spreadsheet moved over to gnumeric but I was thinking I should write a real media manager for them. I know Java, C++, and a few other programming languages but Java is too heavy for this machine. C# and Mono also seem a little heavy for this machine. C++ seems like overkill for such a simple application. I am just not fond of LAMP for local single user program. I mean why put a web server on this box? I figure SQLlite would be a good database for this but what language would be good for writing the GUI and logic in? Python would be fun to learn but what IDE and interface builders are available? Ruby could be an option as well. Or should I just bite the bullet and use C++? I have the box up and working with Zenworks and it seems pretty snappy. I would have to say I was impressed with Zenworks. So what is a good, fast, and light development platform to write a simple form and database application in Linux?
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Light, fast software development in Linux.

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