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Submission + - Math Skills Suffer in US Schools ( 3

Zarf writes: I'd like to file a bug report on the US educational system.
The New York Times reports on a recent study that shows the US fails to encourage academic talent as a culture.

"There is something about the culture in American society today which doesn't really seem to encourage men or women in mathematics," said Michael Sipser, the head of M.I.T.'s math department. "Sports achievement gets lots of coverage in the media. Academic achievement gets almost none."

While we've suspected that the US might be falling behind academically, this study shows that it is actually due to cultural factors that are devaluing the success of our students. I suspect there's a flaw in the US cultural system that prevents achievement on the academic front as valuable. Could anyone suggest a patch for this bug or is this cause for a rewrite?

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Math Skills Suffer in US Schools

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  • What's truly wrong is that the 'most advanced' nation in the world is packed with people who believe that god created man, that evolution is a lie, and that the earth is 6000 years old.

    Ok, ones personal beliefs are ones own, people have a right to them, but it has been politically expedient to go along with such ideas, encourage them, and allow them to pollute (yes, pollute is the word), the education system. That has caused massive damage.

    My son knows all about the creation story. I told him myself. He als

    • Your attempted correlation of religiousness and academics reveals only your agenda. The real problem is basically stated right there. That academic performance is not respected, in fact it is ridiculed. Work "too hard" or study "too much" and your a nerd, a dork, a dweeb, a poindexter. Hollywood has alot to do with this IMO. Compare Dr. Forbin of "Colossus, the Forbin Project" with the scientists in today's pop culture.
      • Ok, I admit I have an agenda.

        However, that agenda is motivated, believe it or not, by a sincere desire to have America avoid the folly of accession to religious fundamentalists which would prevent it from leading the rest of the world towards a true worldwide democracy.

        The current tendency towards letting religious extremists dictate policy scares me.

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