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Submission + - SPAM: Southamerica under packet surveillance for years.

Ep0xi writes: It's known for all that southamerica has been under different military arms since the 60's
but lately things gotten quite worst.

Blogs, MSN chats, IRC and many other tcp services are being tracked since the beggining of year 2001

That leads to people to escape, run, run quite fast from any technology that could be surveilled remotely
and with unknown purposes in short and long time, obviously by unknown means.

Packet inspecting isn't bad for purposes of saving lives.

The surveillance is probably more complex than that because it occurs in particular blogs and msn chats
where there were no transmission of data at all to the receiver. aka, zero messages readen, zero blog visits,
or even cases where the messenger is forced to crash, and messages sent after that still are captured,
obvious sign of packet surveillance.

This is done specially for maintaining the Unitary economic model where all the cities work and send money
to the federal state and then that returns to cities. All the data is collected in a central institution
related to ultra-right newspapers (mostly orthodox jewish related) and the rest used for economic purposes
solely on the basis of making fun publicity advertisements targeted to those cities surveilled, but
ignoring all of those cities living styles.

Then all of those bad interpreted messages who do not reach the partner are distorted by local
radio transmitters and tv channels of each city, making a massive mess of a media controlled society.

The agravant is that the destination of those jokes are the christian community of americans
who buy american products.

This surveillance is fulfilled with data from drugstores, cabs and street officers to complete
the panorama of how are the lives of those surveilled human beings.

Many of those commited suicide after being recreated their private in television, mostly
because of the bad acting and misunderstood stories.

Media controlled society was a fact way before, but including "packet surveillance" in the
list of "divine interventions" makes an absolute mess of something that most of
civil rights advocates have been fighting for more than three decades.

Many concerns are related to posts in forums of people who still support
military goverments, surveillance of unarmed civil workers, gremialists
and even disabled people, blind, deaf.

Many sources say that they have been punished in many ways including
complete hardware destruction (motherboard, cpu) because
they posted against surveillance, or they tried to conform
civil groups to fight goverment and military surveillance.

The forms of punishment include from making public private data
about private talks of sexual content, to other more tough forms
of blame like directly blocking chats and emails of urgency.

Many people went into justice for this cases and got blamed for
further things of many of common civil disobediences that anyone
does in any society, like having a protest into a drugstore
because they earn 50 percent of prices.

It's surveillance taken to the sell point, and pushed to the extreme,
that's why i try to publish the way we are living in here.

Most of the surveillance is racially based, and so is the punishment,
equally inversally proportional to the need for free speech.

Some of us would like to hear from all of you.

Here are some links of surveillers:
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Southamerica under packet surveillance for years.

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