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Submission + - Transparent Cockpit Removes Car Blind Spots

Ponca City, We love you writes: "Solid features such as dashboard and doors can conceal road hazards such as other vehicles and pedestrians but now engineers have come up with a way to make the car's solid features disappear from the driver's point of view. A pair of stereo cameras mounted on the passenger-side wing mirror capture scenery usually hidden from the driver by the dashboard and the solid parts of doors while a headset worn by the driver projects the cameras' output onto the solid features, displaying a clear view of what hides behind them as if they were transparent. "These sort of systems have been talked about for years, but this the best example of its kind that I've seen so far," says Andrew Parkes, who performs behavoural studies on drivers at the Transport Research Laboratory in the UK. Letting the driver see usually hidden hazards is better than alarm systems that can be hard to interpret, says Parkes, "but there's a long way to go before deciding whether it would be beneficial in practice.""
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Transparent Cockpit Removes Car Blind Spots

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