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Submission + - Breaking UNIX crypt() on the PlayStation 3

Marc Bevand writes: "Last week at the ToorCon 10 hacker conference in San Diego, I presented Breaking UNIX crypt() on the PlayStation 3, a talk focused on optimizing the bruteforcing speed of DES-based crypt() password hashes for the Cell B.E. processor by implementing a technique known as bitslicing. I am glad to announce that source code has just been released and this implementation averages 45.5 gates per S-box. This is by no mean a replacement for a tool like John the Ripper (which supports many advanced features and other hashing algorithms), but nonetheless a comparison between the two is interesting. The PS3's 65nm 3.2 GHz Cell processor can test 11.5 million password/sec while consuming only 130W. This represents a performance/dollar result 4.4x better than John the Ripper on a quad-core 3.2 GHz QX9770, or 1.6x better than a 2.66GHz Q6700; a performance/Watt ratio 1.5x better than both; and an absolute cracking speed respectively 8% and 30% faster."
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Breaking UNIX crypt() on the PlayStation 3

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