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Submission + - My Experience today at the Obama Campaign Office

hoffmanjon writes: I went down to my local Obama Campaign office today to see about getting a yard sign, bumper stickers and to see what I could do to volunteer (yes me volunteering for a political cause, never thought that would happen). I told them I not interested in door to door knocking or phone calling for personal reasons and then told them I do Computer Programming and System Administration for a living (that got some people excited). They brought me back to talk with one of the field organizers who brought be back to a room that had a number of computer in it. He said they had a number of hardware "guys" but no one that could do the software side and asked if I could install operating systems on these computers so they could use them. I told them I would be glad to do that. Now here comes the good part, he told me that they would prefer to have Linux with open office, skype and Firefox installed and ask me if I knew anything about Linux (if you do not know, I am a hugh Linux and Open Source advocate). I told him I have worked with Linux/Unix for over nine years and more familiar with Linux then probably any other operating system. I had known that the Obama Campaign used Linux for their Web Pages but I did not know that they preferred it in their local campaign offices as well. That means they will be showing/teaching their volunteers how to use Linux and Open Office. I am now an even bigger supporter of Obama knowing that he (and his campaign) use Open Source software, this means he will carry that philosphy into the White House and be more likely to support Open Source and Open Standards rather then proprietary software. I was just excited to hear that the Obama Campaign supported Open Source software and wanted to share my experience.
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My Experience today at the Obama Campaign Office

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