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Submission + - Brazilian voting system provider says it's unsafe (terra.com.br)

andretaff writes: "Terra, a Brazilian internet provider, published today a story (text in Portuguese) in one of their blogs claming that Frederico Gregorio, a shareholder of Microbase, the company that develops the Brazilian voting system, said his own system is unsafe (the translation is mine):

"We want to use this opportunity to share our opinion, as technicians that participated in the 1996, 1998 and 2000 projects, regarding the Brazilian voting system security. Those projects are, in our point of view, completely unsafe. (...) You can boot the system using a external disc which is absolutely unacceptable, regardless of the OS being used. The use of Linux as OS increases exponentially the chances of someone creating a external booting malware, given that being a system of open source, there are many skilled people that know how it works deeply from the boot until the system is ready to use"

If he is saying that, who I am to disagree?"

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Brazilian voting system provider says it's unsafe

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