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Submission + - HP and Symantec team up for new Secure Firefox (

hairyfeet writes: "HP,Mozilla,and Symantec have teamed up to create a new version of Firefox,to be called the HP Firefox Virtual Browser and will first be seen on a new HP desktop called the HP Compaq dc790. Kirk Godkin, an HP senior product manager for business PCs, said "What we have created is a virtual layer where your browser runs and all the downloads, all the clicks, all the cookies and everything is placed within ... a virtualized run-time environment,With the browser, the user only has to click the mouse and it will reset the browser to its original state and all their favorites will remain the same."

With the browser arena getting more crowded by the day, with Internet Explorer 8, Google Chrome, and Apple Safari all competing with Firefox for a space on the desktop it will be interesting to see how well this new Virtual Firefox measures up. For the complete story go to eWeek for more details."

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HP and Symantec team up for new Secure Firefox

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