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Submission + - Computer class outside of a school setting

LWATCDR writes: I work with a group of young men 16-18 and I am thinking of starting a computer class for them. I was thinking about teaching them how to clean off spyware, virus scanning, defrag, and removing craplets. You know the stuff that geeks are typically asked to do for their friends or what the Geek Squad charges way too much for. After that I hope to move on to hardware repair. Thinks like installing RAM, replacing hard drives and power supplies. Maybe even move on to building a PC. I really want to hit on the evils of piracy. I intend to show the young men where they can find free alternatives to pirating software. Things like OpenOffice, Gimp, Thunderbird, Linux, and so on. I hope that if all goes well I might even teach them the basics of networking and setting up servers. The problem is that I know that I want to include how to use Windows XP, and Vista. I might even include Windows server and WHS after I learn it myself. The problem is I don't want to pay for that software myself and the organization has no money to spend on it. The Linux stuff is free but the Microsoft software would cost money. Does Microsoft offer a program for small not for profits? If not I will be limited to teaching XP and Linux. Not a terrible thing but I would like to teach these young men how to deal what every they might run into.
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Computer class outside of a school setting

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