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Submission + - NBC's Olympics - why only show USA's medals ? 1

waterwingz writes: Once again, viewers of the Olympics in the USA are only able to see events where the USA has medal hopes. Especially if the USA hopes for a gold medal. While I can understand that NBC paid big bucks for exclusive coverage rights and that they cater to the desires of the masses for profit, it seems there has to be better way. For example, what if NBC (or CBS or ABC) got exclusive rights to any events they chose to show and a second tier channel (PBS ?) was allowed to show anything else for a much lower licensing fee. We might actually get to see some great Olympic moments where an American athlete was not involved. Imagine that. Do slashdot readers have any other ideas about how coverage could be broadened without hurting the rights that NBC purchased legitimately ?
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NBC's Olympics - why only show USA's medals ?

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  • Not that i've actually watched any of the olympic games this time around, but TripleJ (nationwide radio station here in Australia) was discussing this very issue last night - why are we only getting to see events where Australia is involved.

    Apparently they went as far as broadcasting a game (basketball?) for 3 quarters until it became obvious that Australia wasn't going to win, then they switched across to another event and didn't bother showing the rest of the game.

    Now I remember why I'm not watching the o

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