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Role Playing (Games)

Submission + - Where to find VC?

PHPNerd writes: "Some friends and I have been working on an online video game for the last few years in our spare time and have now decided to take it up to the next level. We have a game currently released that is our "demo" and we have been hard at work on the next (and "real") version of the game. In our small amount of publicity, we've managed to get something around 20,000 user accounts and a small but active community. The only problem is that it's all done in our spare time and that makes development slow. There's clear market potential for this game and money to be made, but I fear that without serious venture we won't ever get there in a reasonable amount of time. Furthermore, when you're in grad school, young and broke, you don't know anyone with money, or how to get in touch with anyone with money. There was an Ask Slashdot recently that asked about how to pitch a game idea, and the most common response was to do it yourself and seek VC, but no one mentioned where or how. Can anyone at Slashdot please point me in the right direction for finding venture capital?"
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Where to find VC?

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