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Submission + - Gates Issues Call for "Creative Capitalism" 1

theodp writes: "Bill Gates makes his case for Creative Capitalism in TIME, citing projects like a Text-Free UI for illiterate computing, the use of Multimouse technology to allow fifty kids to share one computer display, cell phone billing by the second, and Bono's RED campaign as examples of the type of corporate creativity that can make the world better a better place for the billion or so people scraping by on less than a dollar a day. Michael Kinsley, a former Microsoft employee whose wife still works for Gates, says it's hard to object to Gates' goals, but notes that creative capitalism does have its share of skeptics, and points out that there was not a whole lot of energy devoted to lifting up the world's poor during Bill's three decades at Microsoft."
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Gates Issues Call for "Creative Capitalism"

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  • What does Bill Gates know about Creative Capitalism? All Microsoft ever did was copy and abuse market power in a place where regulations couldn't keep up with monopolies. Slashdot should update the Borg Bill Gates with a Bill Gates sporting a moustache ala the Community Chest guy from Monopoly... Justice Department Error in your Favor: Collect $100 Billion

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