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Submission + - Mythbusters to once again test Archimedes ray (wired.com)

elrous0 writes: The Mythbusters are once again putting the much-disputed claim of Archimedes' famous "heat ray" to the test, and they're looking for 300 volunteers in the San Francisco area to help. As many of you may recall, the pair originally dispelled the ray as a myth, only to face a challenge from students at MIT, who claimed they could replicate the ancient superweapon. Unfortunately, the MIT students were unable to recreate the experiment under real-world conditions when the Mythbusters put them to the test in 2005. Now it looks like Adam and Jamie are back to the myth once again and need your help to put the issue to rest once and for all (or at least until the next group of would-be math geniuses comes along). Will you be one of the 300 to defend Greece?
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Mythbusters to once again test Archimedes ray

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