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Submission + - How do you reason with computer illiterates?

Bones3D_mac writes: Have you ever had to explain a serious computer-related problem to someone who is both complete ignorant of the ramifications involved and unable to comprehend the nature of the problem itself... even when you try to dumb it down with metaphors and pictures?

For example, a relative of mine recently approached me, asking me to download a bunch of copyrighted material off Limewire and burn them onto CDs. Needless to say, I attempted to explain that it wasn't legal to acquire copyrighted content this way, citing some of the numerous cases where the RIAA issued potential life-destroying lawsuits, and suggested using something like Apple's iTunes Music Store instead.

Not satisfied with the option that involved actually "paying" for the content, I was then met with the usual "if it's not legal, then why are the files on there?", and "everyone else I know does it all the time and nothing happens to them!" arguments before they finally got pissed off and stormed off empty handed.

So... how do you reason with such unbelievably flawless logic to get someone to finally understand the potential dangers involved in something they see as being completely harmless?
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How do you reason with computer illiterates?

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