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Submission + - R.I.P. Linux Advocate and Writer Joe Barr 1

Roblimo writes: "Our colleague Joe Barr sometimes described himself as a doddering old geek. Many knew him as a Linux evangelist; others knew him from his ham radio activities. And those of us who worked with Joe knew him in all of his sometime irascible, often funny moods. Joe was always one of our favorite people, and we are devastated to report that he died at home, unexpectedly, last night. Joe Barr was a reporter and editor for Linux.com, which is owned by the same company that owns Slashdot."
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R.I.P. Linux Advocate and Writer Joe Barr

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  • Joe's was a byline that always merited a read -- a habit acquired in the earlier days of GNU/Linux distros.

    My condolences to his family -- may they know that Joe's contributions to the community were much appreciated and will be missed.


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