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shanen writes: My guess is that the fix is part of KB4284835, but looking over the article, none of the documented issues seems to be a candidate. The problem either began or became much worse after the installation of the KB4103721 update (about a month ago) and it only affected one of my three Windows 10 machines. The update for KB4100403 (about 2 weeks ago) might be part of it, too? One symptom was much slower booting, but the real pain in the arse was the sudden and unpredictable freezes. Never figured out the trigger pattern and never found a solution except for pulling the plug, and even then it needed a second-time normal reboot to get the machine back to a reasonable working state.

If the problem I saw affected roughly one-third of the Windows machines (estimated from my tiny sample), then a lot of other people should have seen the improvements since KB4284835 was installed. Might be a much smaller number if the problem was limited to upgraded machines, since all three of mine are. And I'm knocking on wood, too. The update just happened, and though the machine seems to be much healthier now, it's really too soon to be confident that it's been healed.

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Ask Slashdot: What horrendous foulup did Microsoft just fix?

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