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Submission + - Today, the EU Will Vote If to Ban Kaspersky Products From Official EU Networks (bleepingcomputer.com) 1

An anonymous reader writes: In a plenary session of the European Parliament that will be held today in Strasbourg, France, members of the European Parliament (MEPs) will vote on a motion for resolution which includes a clause to ban the use of software programs "that have been confirmed as malicious, such as Kaspersky Lab." This particular ban clause is included in A8-0189/2018, a motion proposed to the European Parliament by its Foreign Affairs Commission. The motion's purpose is to establish general guidelines for an EU-wide strategy on cyber defense. In the motion's lengthy body, there is also a clause that addresses public-private partnerships. According to clause #76, if the motion passes as proposed by the Foreign Affairs Commission, EU states will be called upon and expected to review and ban software programs that have been confirmed as malicious. The motion's text matter-of-factly refers to Kaspersky products as "confirmed as malicious," following the lead set by the US last year.
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Today, the EU Will Vote If to Ban Kaspersky Products From Official EU Networks

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  • The use of the term malicious as the gate shows that the law is political. Definition of malicious code that doesn't make GCHQ/NSA payloads illegal too?

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