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Submission + - Harvard CS50 AP: Our AP CSP Kids Are Smarter Than Your AP CSP Kids

theodp writes: In the weeks leading up to last Friday's AP Computer Science Principles exam, Harvard CS50 prof David J. Malan took to Medium to report that high school kids who used the adaptation of Harvard's CS50 course for high schools as their AP CSP curriculum framework "skewed rightward" toward the highest quartile on assessments (671 of the 47,216 students took the AP CSP Exam were CS50 AP students). So, does this mean that the straight-out-of-Harvard-CS50 AP CSP curriculum is the fairest of them all? Like other claims about the wonders of their AP CSP curriculum from tech-bankrolled and NSF-funded UTeach, no one seems to know if we're dealing with apples-to-oranges comparisons, so it's hard to say. In the case of CS50 AP, for instance, a 2016 Harvard Crimson story noted the program in its launch year was "supported heavily by Microsoft," including co-hosting a CS50 AP Hackathon led by Malan and his team at The Browning School, a private school for boys in NYC ($48,615 tuition). A video from that event includes CS50 AP testimonials from Browning, NEST+m (a selective enrollment NYC public school), and the Hopkins School (a private New Haven CT school, tuition $41,000), students from which would presumably have fewer problems with what Malan describes as "perhaps the most rigorous" of the AP CSP curricula (other CS50 AP schools identified by The Crimson were private Cincinnati Country Day School and Greenwich High School).
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Harvard CS50 AP: Our AP CSP Kids Are Smarter Than Your AP CSP Kids

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