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Submission + - SPAM: 'Spooky Action' Has Been Demonstrated on a Massive Scale For The First Time

schwit1 writes: For the first time, scientists have managed to show quantum entanglement – which Einstein famously described as "spooky action at a distance" – happening between macroscopic objects, a major step forward in our understanding of quantum physics.

Quantum entanglement links particles in a way that they instantly affect each other, even over vast distances. On the surface, this powerful bond defies classical physics and, generally, our understanding of reality, which is why Einstein found it so spooky. But the phenomenon has since become a cornerstone of modern technology.

Still, up until now quantum entanglement has only been demonstrated to work at the smallest of scales, in systems based on light and atoms, for example.

Any attempt to increase the sizes has caused problems with stability, with the slightest of environmental disturbances breaking the connection.

But new research changes all of this, by demonstrating that this 'spooky action' can indeed be a reality between massive objects.

We're not talking massive in the black hole sense but in the macroscopic sense – two 15-micrometre-wide vibrating drum heads.

And the next step will be to test whether those vibrations are being teleported between the two objects.

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'Spooky Action' Has Been Demonstrated on a Massive Scale For The First Time

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