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renuk007 writes: After retiring as a systems programmer, I started a second career as a teacher — and I'm loving it. My problem: I designed a (I feel) wonderful new language compiler, but implementing it will take me another ten years if I have to do it part-time. Now, Linus Torvalds was able to leverage the enthusiasm of the Internet to make Linux exist, but 1990 was a more innocent time — how does it work today? Any thoughts?
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How to make vaporware real?

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  • I think Linus built the first version of Linux by himself. Then a community materialized to maintain and support it. So one model might be doing whatever you can to get some kind of prototype out there to then attract a larger community to your work. (Is there any way you can team up with a collaborator who can speed things along?)

    You mentioned that you're a teacher. Maybe someday you'll spot a student with a natural flair for language compilers. Anyways, it sounds like a terrific project. Good luck!

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