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Submission + - How Can Users Protect Themselves From Facebook? (counterpunch.org) 1

Nicola Hahn writes: In the wake of congressional hearings the national spotlight has been placed squarely on Mark Zuckerberg such that the discussion about user privacy tends to orbit around Facebook and Cambridge Analytica. Yet bulk data collection isn’t the work of a couple of bad apples. Corporate social media is largely predicated on stockpiling and mining user information. As Zuckerberg explained to lawmakers, it’s their business model. In other words, social media is a form of mass surveillance. Classified government documents show that it has directly enabled targeted influence campaigns as well as intelligence operations.

While Zuckerberg has offered public apologias, spurring genuine regulation will probably be left to the public. Having said that, confronting an economic sector which makes up one of the country’s largest political lobbying blocks might not be a tenable path in the short term. The best immediate option for netizens may be to opt out of social media entirely.

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How Can Users Protect Themselves From Facebook?

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