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Submission + - Lead even more dangerous than previously thought ( 1

Bruce66423 writes: "Last week, a massive new study concluded that lead is 10 times more dangerous than thought, and that past exposure now hastens one in every five US deaths.... The study found that deaths, especially from cardiovascular disease, increased markedly with exposure, even at the lowest levels. It concluded that lead kills 412,000 people a year – accounting for 18% of all US mortality, not much less than the 483,000 who perish as a result of smoking."

NB — another instance where scientific experts were proved disastrously wrong...

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Lead even more dangerous than previously thought

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  • Concerns were raised almost immediately by experts about leaded gasoline, what you're referring to was another example of industry with a vested interest in something paying for bogus studies and creating FUD. It was exactly the same as smoking and climate change.

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