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Submission + - Democrat consultant's pro-Clinton Twitter sockpuppet army revealed ( 2

Rujiel writes: Despite much ado about Russian trolling during the last election cycle, it certainly wasn't the only common variety of it. Paul Blumenthal writes of one "Sally Albright, a pro-Clinton Democratic Party communications consultant" and her army of fake accounts that would share her anti-Sanders material during the election:

"Within this pro-Albright Twitter force, many of the accounts have taken on false personas with stolen photographs just like the Russian trolls that tried to interfere in the 2016 election.The account named for Iris Winter, which is temporarily suspended, uses a picture of Spanish ice dancer Sara Hurtado. Minnie Casera’s supposed picture comes from the Facebook account of Martina Painter, an Alaskan who died on Jan. 11, 2017. The picture used by Georgia Miles is actually Deja Farrior-Quinones, a New Jersey woman who was killed in September 2016 by a car involved in a high-speed police chase.."

It's also noted: "Journalists in the U.S. experienced a similar flood during the 2016 election from pro-Trump, neo-Nazi sock-puppet accounts posting anti-Semitic death threats". So now how do we tell exactly who the Russian trolls are?

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Democrat consultant's pro-Clinton Twitter sockpuppet army revealed

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  • I don't care who broke the law in the election, their job titles, nationalities or excuses. I want every last guilty person sealed away forever in solitary confinement. I don't care if some are Democrat or some are Republican. I don't care if some are British or some are Russian. They are vile and beneath contempt.

    Not one of them can excuse their actions, not one has any reason or expectation of the law excusing their crimes.

    All that any can justifiably ask for is that the case be proven in a court of law b

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