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Submission + - Aptra almost comes clean with plug in hybrid (

ruin20 writes: "Aptra has been hyping a 300 mpg hybrid car. After ignoring it, like most plug-in hybrids, I decided to check it out after it had crossed my eyes six or seven times. I was shocked, not because I think it's a good concept, but because their details section was shockingly honest. Not quite completely honest But pretty damn close. From the link:

With the Plug-in Electric Hybrid version of the Aptera(typ-1h) the mileage of the vehicle is difficult to describe with one number. For example, the Typ-1h can drive 40 to 60 miles on electric power alone. Perhaps for such a trip, the engine may only be duty-cycled for a few seconds or minutes. This would produce a fantastic number, an incredible number that, though factually true, would have no useful context, i.e. it's just a point on a graph.
Now although they do go on to continue to crunch MPG numbers further on in the article, at least they cop to the fact that they're not real. This goes forward to my point we need a weighted kilojoule per mile calculation for reporting efficiency of hybrid vehicles. People should have an understanding of how efficiently they use the electric energy, and that it doesn't just run on gas with fantastic efficiency, that the energy used in making that MPG number first came from your wall socket."

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Aptra almost comes clean with plug in hybrid

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