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Submission + - SPAM: ... so maybe we shouldn't be building this!

wisebabo writes: This follows my previous submission

This is why we can't have nice things

Editors, feel free to combine the two submissions. If we've decided, against recent bad experience, that the human race would not be unduly affected by mis-information then let's go ahead and build this! This is the first fully assembled dish for the Square Kilometer Array; built in China but to be installed in South Africa and Australia. Hopefully, we won't be getting interstellar spam or worse but even if so at least we'll be constructing the world's largest (in combination) radio telescope. That's gotta be good for astronomy! :) Now, if only we weren't so gullible, I'd say let's open the messages that we could receive. Let's hope the aliens are nice like say Canadians as opposed to Russians. By the way, can any radio antenna experts please explain the non-circular shape of the main dish?
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... so maybe we shouldn't be building this!

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