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Submission + - The new telecommuting? (economist.com)

jeffstar writes: The Economist has a special report titled Nomads At Last up about how 'knowledge workers' and executives such as Jonathon Scwartz, CEO of sun, have ditched their offices for blackberrys and wifi connections at coffee shops or wherever they may roam. It is several pages long (the 'next article' link is easy to miss) but worth the read. I've found it quite difficult to do any serious coding at a coffee shop and sometimes embarrassing to be on a conference call with jungle or urban cacophony going off in the background so contrary to the article I prefer my climate controlled cocoon home offices. Some other points in the article really hit home for me: "anybody who works for himself has a tyrant as a boss" and "The danger is that the anytime, anyplace office will lure us into the tiger cage that is the everytime, everyplace office." The article goes on to state "Nomads are constantly juggling the social rights of colleagues, relatives and friends, as well as their own right to downtime." Some of these would points apply to anyone running their own business. How & where do are slashdotters liberated from cube farms working? How do you find this has affected your personal life?
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The new telecommuting?

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