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Submission + - NASA's Silicon Valley Summer Camp Is Trying To Save Us From Extinction (fastcompany.com)

An anonymous reader writes: Silicon Valley hosts so many interns, research groups, and accelerators that many hotels are fully booked through the summer months. Only one accelerator in the Bay Area last summer, however, was comprised of a dozen planetary scientists and a dozen machine learning experts, strategizing ways to save us all from threats in space like asteroids, solar flares, and comets—all within the space of eight weeks. Frontier Development Lab, or FDL, is the brainchild of James Parr, a British space enthusiast and serial entrepreneur who saw an opportunity to bring more artificial intelligence and machine learning to space. He was inspired in 2013, when the Obama administration launched the Asteroid Grand Challenge to get more people working at new ways of finding asteroids, including those that could be mined for valuable resources and those that could destroy all life on Earth. "AI is the one thing that astronomers haven't had the benefits of," Parr says. "They just haven't had time to work with it."
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NASA's Silicon Valley Summer Camp Is Trying To Save Us From Extinction

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