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Submission + - Gates on a Plane: Alaska Airlines Inflight Entertainment Stars Bill Gates

theodp writes: On Tuesday, it was announced that Alaska Airlines will make a new series of six short videos starring Microsoft's Bill Gates on How Computers Work available as inflight entertainment. "Because students and adults alike can learn from these videos," wrote CEO Hadi Partovi, "we are pleased to announce Khan Academy and Alaska Airlines will make them available beyond classrooms. Khan Academy will include the new videos in their computer science offering, and Alaska Airlines will offer them to passengers to watch for free on Alaska flights starting in April" (Bill Gates is a $1,000,000+ Gold Supporter; The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is a $3,000,000+ Platinum Supporter and a $10,000,000+ Khan Academy Supporter). "With hubs up and down the 'Tech Coast', we’re both witnessing and leveraging the innovations that we see occurring every day in our own backyard," says David Scotland, Manager of Inflight Entertainment & Connectivity at Alaska Airlines. "’s new series is an entertaining and approachable way for us all to gain a basic awareness of how computers work. We’re pleased to offer over 40 million guests the opportunity to view’s new video series inflight through our partnership."
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Gates on a Plane: Alaska Airlines Inflight Entertainment Stars Bill Gates

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