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Submission + - HuffPo Headline Accuses Obama of Cybercrime

DrJimbo writes: The Huffington Post is running a story with the misleading headline How Did Obama Hijack Clinton's Web Site?. When you read the story you find out that the author is referring to Google ads the Obama campaign bought. They had already covered the ads with two previous stories. I informed the author of his mistake, explaining that "web site hijacking" refers to illegally breaking into a computer to alter a Web site. His response was "Lighten up. This is what bugs me about the kool aid set. You see everything in black and white." I'm willing to give him the benefit of the doubt that his original mistake was due to cluelessness instead of malice but I think it is illegal to knowingly and falsely accuse even a public figure of a serious crime. Is this legal? If it is legal, is it appropriate for a site that delivers political news?
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HuffPo Headline Accuses Obama of Cybercrime

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