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Submission + - Large Hadron Collider - The doomsday device? (lhcdefense.org)

Opportunist writes: We're all going to die! The LHC (Large Hadron Collider), the big underground donut in Genf that shoots little particles onto each other, is going to create a black hole that is going to swallow us all alive!

Or so Mr. Walter Wagner claims on his homepage. He demands in no uncertain terms that this project is to be put on hold until the dangers can be assessed, after all we only have one Earth, and no backups to restore from.

A bit of insight from people who know more about those things would be interesting. Can energy that could possibly heat a cup of coffee create a tempest in the teapot? And more important, what motivates people to prophesy doom? I mean, when you're wrong, you're ridiculed, when you're right, you're dead... how do you win?

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Large Hadron Collider - The doomsday device?

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