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Submission + - Vista works,and it only took 16 months!

hairyfeet writes: "Eweek columnist Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols reported today that he finally got his Vista machine fully operational and it only took 16 months! While I don't normally take much stock in such stories, I do find this one compelling as it is from a person who has been hacking Operating Systems since the days of the CICS/MVS and has been using Microsoft products from DOS 1 and Windows 1 up. How are those that buy the upgrade to Vista after Microsoft stops selling Windows XP supposed to figure out how to get everything working if it takes an experienced OS guy 16 months?

I personally believe this is further proof that Microsoft needs to rethink the ending of Windows XP on June 30,at least until support for the basics like common on-board sound chips have been worked out. And to be fair and partial I'd also like to point out that yesterday the same columnist published an article pushing for the release for XP SP3.But after his Vista experience I can't say I blame him. What do you think slashdot? Is Vista ready to be deployed on the millions of machines out there running Windows 2000 and XP? Or should Microsoft wait to allow manufacturers more time to work out the bugs when it comes to drivers?"
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Vista works,and it only took 16 months!

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