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Submission + - SPAM: How To Craft White Maps In Path Of Exile

davidbloom70 writes: In Path of Exile, 90% of maps drop as white (no rarity), so you should always spend some currency improving the quantity of the map by making it either magic or rare. The amount of poe currency spent is proportional to how much the map is worth. However, how to craft white maps?

Up to tier 5 you should be able to sustain a map pool running only magic maps. To roll a magic map first use an Orb of Transmutation. If there is only a single mod use an Orb of Augmentation to add another. If the pair of mods is dangerous or they impact the clearing ability too much consider using an Orb of Alteration to reroll the mods. The maps up to tier 5 are not worth very much so be conservative when using Orbs of Alteration (no more than 3 or so).

From tier 6 you will want to use an Orb of Alchemy on white maps. This can lead to some dangerous mod combinations which may not be runnable by your character. For tier 6-9 you should not use a Chaos Orb to reroll the mods as it is a waste of currency. Either you can leave the map in the stash to run by another character at a later time, try to sell it or trade it up later to the next tier of maps.

Tier 13 is when you can start chiselling every map. At this stage you should no longer run unidentified maps and instead scour, chisel and then alch the map. Remember only ever chisel white maps as it takes only four chisels to yield the maximum quality for the map. If the map mods are dangerous you can use Chaos Orbs to try get safer mods. You can also use Zana mods on well rolled maps.

After tier 15 you can begin to use Chaos Orbs to ensure you maximise the IIQ and pack size of the map. You can also always apply Zana mods. Corrupting maps can also be good idea (mainly in Softcore) to get higher IIQ/pack size maps, or even higher tier maps. The problem is getting a map with mods you cannot run (in which case you will probably have to sell the map), also applying Zana mods is more expensive, requiring extra Vaal Orbs.

At the start of a new league it is sometimes beneficial to spend more currency, you can buy chaos orbs on website, because that saves your time and effort. Then normal trying to sustain a map pool as high-level maps are scarce and relatively expensive.

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How To Craft White Maps In Path Of Exile

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