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Submission + - B.C. prisons now getting supplies by drone (

Baron_Yam writes: Prisons are used to dealing with items being smuggled in or thrown over the walls and fences, but technology is now offering a lower-risk solution for the contraband courier — drones. Able to move several kilograms over multiple kilometers, and representing an investment that is a fraction of the value of the items they are moving, drones are separating the courier from the package and reducing the risk of arrest. In the case in this article, the use of a drone did not help make the delivery successful.

From the CBC website:

Prison officials say they foiled an attempt to smuggle contraband into the Matsqui Institution in the Fraser Valley using a drone. The package, which was dropped behind prison walls Dec. 23, contained 59 grams of THC butter and tobacco estimated to be worth more than $26,000.

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B.C. prisons now getting supplies by drone

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