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Submission + - French Songwriter Composes With AI, Result Just As Bad As Today's Pop Music (

dryriver writes: First, view the single "Hellow Shadow" with Canadian singer Kiesza ( Next, the BBC story which seems to think that the album is actually rather good: "Benoît Carré has written songs for some of France’s biggest stars: from Johnny Halliday – the French Elvis, who died last year – to chanteuse Françoise Hardy. But this month, the 47-year-old is releasing an album with a collaborator he could never have dreamt of working with. It’s not a singer, or rapper. It’s not even really a musician. It’s called Flow Machines, and it is, arguably, the world’s most advanced artificially intelligent music program. For musicians, there’s been one good thing about these projects so far: the music they’ve produced has been easy to dismiss, generic and uninspiring – hardly likely to challenge Bob Dylan in the songwriting department. But Carré’s album, Hello World, is different for the simple reason that it’s good. Released under the name SKYGGE (Danish for shadow), it features everything from sci-fi cowboy ballads to Europop, and unlike most AI music, if you heard it on the radio, you wouldn’t think something had gone horribly wrong. Flow Machines, developed at Sony’s Computer Science Laboratories in Paris, does indeed write original melodies, Carré adds. It also suggests the chords and sounds to play them with. But Carré says a human is always needed to stitch the songs together, give them structure and emotion. Without people, its songs would be a bit rubbish. 'There were many people involved in this,' he says, listing the likes of Belgian house producer Stromae and Canadian pop star Kiesza. 'They gave their soul, their enthusiasm. I think that’s the most important point of the album, in a way – that it’s a very human one.'"
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French Songwriter Composes With AI, Result Just As Bad As Today's Pop Music

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