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Submission + - Firefox 3, more memory efficient than IE & Ope

Edy52285 writes: "Ars Technica has an interesting article showing benchmarks pitting Firefox 3 Beta 4 against IE7, Firefox 2, Opera 9.5 Beta, and Safari 3.0.4 Beta. The article includes a graph depicting FF3's memory usage well below that of the other browsers including Opera, which has long been the fastest browser around. The hope is that with the reduction in memory leaks, firefox will not only continue its climbing market share on the desktop, but also become more competetive on the mobile market, which is currently dominated by good ol' Opera.

The article goes on to explain that they have improved memory leaks in its extentions, but I still wonder if FF3 will use less memeory than Opera once you add in the more popular extentions."
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Firefox 3, more memory efficient than IE & Ope

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