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Submission + - What can a programmer do? 5

ppaulin writes: "Maybe it's because I'm 40. Maybe it's because I'm sitting on my couch drinking scotch watching West Wing reruns. The bottom line is that I'm a programmer and I'm lucky to have some free time on my hands. I'm not a rich dot-com guy looking to create a foundation, just a programmer trying to figure out what to do with the next 20 years of my life. I'd like my kids to be proud of me. So I'm asking (and please hold the snark, it's too easy) — What can a programmer do?"
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What can a programmer do?

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  • We all have that "gee I wonder if its possible to do xyz better?" in the back of our mind ...

  • But perhaps the problem is that you're already old and too indoctrinated. It's not just a myth that programers do their best work in their early twenties. So perhaps what you can do is get a young hotshot to help you out a bit in the idea department while you help them out a bit in the realisation department.

    The biggest problem young hotshots have is the wealth of ideas and not enough willpower to stick to one and perfect it, the biggest problem old geezers have is a wealth of willpower to polish and perf
  • How about spend time with them? You know, give the gift of parenting. Some sort of activity. Since you're a programmer and spending your free time on your couch, using the stereotype (that's pretty much true), perhaps it'll enable you to loose some weight as well. Even if you're not over-weight, becoming (more) healthy would be something that your kids /should/ be proud of. And it'll be all kinds of that positive role model thing as well (regardless of there age).

    Basically, something to be proud of, or
  • Mostly serious:
    1. Get your health checked, esp. yer cholesterol and blood sugar. seriously. yer entering the "drop dead next step" age. And if your wealthy enough to sit and watch reruns and scotch vanish, yer probably been working hard and ignoring your temporary immortality. Prolly got more in stock options than health insurance. Do you know your cholesterol? betcha don't. "But I'm too young to have a heart attack..." Yeah, that's what the nurses all said about me.
    2. Teach them some programming. That way, the

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