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Submission + - Ask Slashdot: What Are The Worst Computer Or IT Related Jokes You Have Heard? 6

dryriver writes: It seems that in just about any field of employment — whether you are a 3D artist, a pastry chef or a lawyer — there is an abundance of jokes related to the profession or to situations commonly encountered during that profession, some pretty good, some so so, and some very, very bad. What I want to know is — what are the absolute WORST computer or IT related jokes that you have either heard from someone, found on the internet or possibly even invented yourself? (Since this is Slashdot, feel free to throw in Science-related jokes as well, provided that they are just as bad as the computer or IT jokes asked for). Thanks.
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Ask Slashdot: What Are The Worst Computer Or IT Related Jokes You Have Heard?

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  • Those who understand binary and those who do not
  • Backstory: Years ago someone would keep switching off their power strip. Every-god-damn-morning. Even when I told her that's why her computer wasn't working. One day she tells me. Says she checked power strip just like I told her, it's not that. Go in. Turn power strip on. She is almost in tears, "Tell me it's not the power strip." So I humor her. "Nope, had to realign the flux capacitor."

    For ten years whenever someone had their power off I told them I had to realign their flux capacitor. Finally one guy sa

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      More a prank than a joke, but it's so old the noobies might not know about print screening the desktop and then hiding the desktop icons and hiding the task bar. Setting the desktop wallpaper as the screencap. Oldie but a goodie.

  • Finds the retractable coffee cup holder very handy.

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