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Submission + - Google, Apple in Coding Custody Battle for 371K Chicago Public Schools Students

theodp writes: Less than a week after Google announced it was teaming up with Chance The Rapper and donating $1.5M to bring computer science to Chicago Public Schools (CPS), Apple CEO Tim Cook told USA Today that the company will partner with Chicago school system officials in the New Year to teach the coding language Swift in city classrooms and through after-school coding clubs in a school district. "We’ve fundamentally concluded instead of just waiting and going into the four-year school system and seeing how many women and minorities are graduating in coding, which is abysmal, that we had to back up," Cook said in an interview. "(We have to go) all the way into elementary school and junior high school in order to fundamentally change the diversity." In 2016, less than 48 hours after CPS hosted a 'soiree' at Google's new Chicago HQ, the CPS Board of Education voted unanimously to make CS a graduation requirement for all high school students. A comprehensive K-12 CS program for CPS students — including a partnership with then-nascent — was announced by Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel to kick off the tech-bankrolled nonprofit's first Hour of Code in December 2013.
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Google, Apple in Coding Custody Battle for 371K Chicago Public Schools Students

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