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Submission + - China Hit by Gas Shortages as It Fights Pollution (

hackingbear writes: Gas-supply shortages are hitting north and central China as Beijing tries to accelerate a shift away from coal rather than miss environmental targets this year. The situation has left some residents — mainly urban migrants on neighborhoods ringing the cities — without heat as temperatures drop below zero, as liquefied natural gas price pushed up over 40%. The government had dealt with the “low hanging fruit” of managing large pollution sources such as power plants, but was having a more difficult time addressing diffuse coal use by smaller businesses and residential neighbourhoods, said Zhou Xizhou, managing director for Asia gas and power at IHS Markit. “This winter will be interesting for how severe the impact [of the coal control measures] will be. It will set the course for how they deal with it in the future.” Following angry [online] protests several years ago, Chinese Premier Li Keqiang declared "war" on pollution, fearing worsening air could spark wider community unrest, while New Delhi, capital of China's neighbor India, surpassed in pollution. "China's systematic efforts to combat air pollution have achieved an impressive improvement in average air quality. From 2011 to 2015, China has made big strides while in India, pollution levels have kept rising," a Greenpeace report noted, blaming on the indifference attitudes of democratically-elected politicians in India.
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China Hit by Gas Shortages as It Fights Pollution

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