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Submission + - Steam Seems To Have Forgotten About Game CDs/DVDs Completely - Why? ( 5

dryriver writes: I bought a physical copy of a 2014 PC game this week. It was manufactured back when you actually got physical game discs with your purchase. I got 2 installation DVDs in the box — the game is 16Gb in size. Steam accepted the activation key, then, without giving any option whatsoever to install from the DVDs I have, promptly started to download the game from the internet, trying to waste 16Gb of my bandwidth. I had to look up a Youtube tutorial (linked) for actually using the install DVDs. First you activate the game. Then Steam starts to download it. Then you pause the download. Then you uninstall the game. Then you chose a Backup/Restore Game command from a non obvious location in a pull down menu. Then you point the backup restore location to your install discs. And then the game can actually be installed from the DVDs you paid for. There is no "Install game from CD/DVD" command anywhere in the Steam interface. Why does Steam do this? If I have physical discs at hand, why does Steam not give me an obvious way to install a game from those discs?
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Steam Seems To Have Forgotten About Game CDs/DVDs Completely - Why?

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