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Submission + - Finnish police censors a critic of censorship

pookie13 writes: "Finnish police censored earlier this week a Finnish internet censorship criticism site named lapsiporno.info [Translation: childporn.info] based on a law [only in Finnish] that gives NBI right to blacklist sites that include child porn. The blacklist is not available to public and it is updated by Police. According the law everyone can give tip the police to blacklist accused child porn sites

The site owner Matti Nikki has collected addresses of blocked sites to his site only to show public that Police blacklists also sites that don't have child porn. Finnish police hasn't commented about why they censored the site. Electronic Frontier Finland has a press release in english about the subject.

One funny part of the law is that Finnish Internet service providers don't have to use the blacklist. Most ISPs use it because the public pressure is huge to join the censorship front to a good cause."
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Finnish police censors a critic of censorship

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