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Submission + - Getting work as a programmer?

Zoltar writes: I've got an old degree in CS and while I've worked in the software industry for a number of years I've never held a job doing any sort of programming. I've done all sorts of programming as a hobby and it's always been a joy for me, as such I'm considering looking for work writing code. I'm in the position where I can go back to school and get up to speed on current languages (C is the only language I feel comfortable in) and would like some real world feedback on what languages would make me the most marketable today? C++, Java, C#?? What about on the web side, is PHP king? Secondly, I'm thinking of creating an open source project with the purpose of showing any prospective employers some real world examples of what I can do. Is that sound thinking, or would it be better to join an existing project, or is that something an employer would consider as experience? What else can/should I do to stand out to prospective employers?
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Getting work as a programmer?

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