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Submission + - AT&T's Direct Approach to P2P Bandwidth 2

sporkme writes: We have previously discussed ad nauseum Comcast's slight-of-hand with peer-to-peer bandwidth, and have more recently shone the spotlight on Time Warner as they have duped Texans with tiered bandwidth helpings and made land grabs in the Buckeye state.

The latest ISP to pile on is AT&T, with an automatic US$5-per-month increase in price for DSL service, impacting 13 states, effective in April. Exempt are those who already subscribe to exclusive or premium services such as "U-Verse" (a pilot all-inclusive system) and "Elite" (6 MiB/s). "Basic" users will see an increase of 33% from $14.99 to 19.95. AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson fairly pointed out that when presented with a financial choice between a land line and a wireless one, consumers will choose the cellphone; DSL subscribership has suffered as a result.

Also a fair assessment:

"Even with this adjustment, our pricing still beats cable's standard pricing across the majority of our markets," AT&T spokesman Brad Mays said in an e-mail. "We're confident that customers will see the value in the service and that we'll continue to grow our customer base."

What remains to be seen is if AT&T might also achieve the litigiously acrobatic maneuver of implementing copyright filtering. One thing is now certain, though: an internet subscriber must now put a price on the ability to use P2P networks.
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AT&T's Direct Approach to P2P Bandwidth

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