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Submission + - Inside Teslaâ(TM)s Secret Second Floor ( 3

rickih02 writes: Teslaâ(TM)s factory tour has always been a hit among visitors, but little did they know there was a lot they werenâ(TM)t seeing. At Backchannel, Teslaâ(TM)s former VP of production, Greg Reichow, pulls back the curtain on the factoryâ(TM)s âoesecretâ second floor, where many of Teslaâ(TM)s battery, power electronics, and drive-train systems are built. âoeIt was home to some of the most advanced manufacturing and automation systems in the company,â Reichow writes. Baffling to some, Reichow explains the importance of Teslaâ(TM)s vertical integration. Had the electric vehicle company simply spent too much time inhaling the âoewe know betterâ fumes of Silicon Valley? No, says Reichow. The former VP breaks down why taking on the madness of building their own car components was so worth while.
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Inside Teslaâ(TM)s Secret Second Floor

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  • I do not know that I have ever seen an article summary that was more mangled by unresolved unicode than this one. Smartquotes, and other lexicographical fanciness, have their place in printed works, but I feel them completely unneeded on a news aggregator. Would be nice if the Slashdot folks could automatically transform them on the backend.

    That being said, this is a very interesting bit.
    • That being said, I wonder if the backend that they use for accepting stories even reveals the problem? Seems like they might need a "Preview" button of their own.
      • by lazarus ( 2879 )

        How difficult would it be to just actually support it? Slashcode is OSS, why haven't we fixed this ourselves?

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