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Submission + - Smishing scams are becoming worse than spam. 3

deviated_prevert writes: Which providers are best at reducing the recent onslaught of obvious text smishing scams coming into the cell phone networks?

For instance I give you this very obvious one claiming that I have a 79 dollar refund coming from my cell provider with a reference to this phoney (pardon the pun) site 419mobile-ref.com that is just a call back trap set in the text.

It seems that smishing is becoming rampant and a very real threat for which there is as yet no effective filter. Other than knowing how these criminals work and constantly ignoring then deleting all the smishing text communications.

What solutions to this problem do you recommend? Completely ignoring unsolicited text seems to be the only real answer here. The same and only solution to the onslaught of fraudulent communications many wind up having to do with their land line connected telephone. Automated call filtering is not a working solution quite yet. Is a cell text interface modified to only accept text from solicited numbers even possible?
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Smishing scams are becoming worse than spam.

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  • I had never encountered it before today, but I hate this word already.
    • by Pascoea ( 968200 )
      I mean it makes sense though, because "phishing" was already such a logical thing to call unsolicited e-mail. And every time my friend calls me with something inconsequential I always say "Dude, why don't you just SMS me?" So it make sense to smash them together to make a completely non-nonsensical word.
  • Completely ignoring unsolicited text seems to be the only real answer here

    No shit? Isn't that always the answer?

    If some random person walks up to you on the street and says "I'm from Wells Fargo, can I have your user name and password?" do you need an app to tell you not to give it to them?

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